Saturday, December 20, 2008

How do I get productive at work?

If you are interesting in working less hard and more effectively, there are spectrum of approaches advocated by self-help gurus. As someone who struggles to juggle life I have tried out many of them. I would classify them into those that work for inherently disorganized, last minute people; and those that help inherently organized people excel. Which end of the spectrum are you?

(1) If you are a natural list maker, if you get an innate sense of satisfaction from ticking things off your to do's, then you will get energised by David Allen's Getting Things Done. It requires a complete do-over of your filing and making your email @Action. This has been hovering at the top of all the various self-help best-seller lists. Unfortunately if you have a natural preference for less sturcture in your life then you will likely start out fine before watch the system gradually unravel in from of you. Instead you need short-cuts.

(2) The 4 hour work week is for you if you have seven of eight half-written to-do lists but none of them that complete. For Myers-Briggs fans, you are a 'P'. You need to develop a few simple but powerful habits otherwise you risk a life of reacting to email and getting distracted by whatever is in front of your nose.

Download a summary of how to apply this to your work life here

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